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EFC Training

Education Facilities Planning

The Education Facilities Clearinghouse, in collaboration with the 21st Century School Fund and the National Council on School Facilities, produced a training series on Education Facilities Planning. This video series features presenters from around the United States and provides crucial information for the planning and development of safe and healthy schools.

Topics in this series include:

  • Facilities Plans For Every K-12 School District
  • The Educational Facilities Master Plan
  • The K-12 Safety & Emergency Management Plan
  • Educational Specifications
  • The Maintenance Plan

Each video comes with a list of useful resources. We hope you find this series very helpful as your organization begins planning for an education facility.

Facilities Plans for Every K-12 School District
The Educational Facilities Master Plan
K-12 Safety & Emergency Operations Plan

Green Cleaning Video Series

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Green Cleaning Step 2 Prepare Your School
Green Cleaning Step 3 Identify Clean Products

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