School Design

Evidence is clear that the design of school buildings can affect student learning. Below are a list of sources available that provide this evidence as well as ideas about effective school design.

Design Affects Learning

Do K-12 School Facilities Affect Educational Outcomes?

Acoustics in Schools

The Impact of School Building Age on the Academic Achievement of Eighth Grade Pupils from the Public Schools in State of Georgia

A Case Study on Facility Design: The Impact of New High School Facilities in Virginia on Student Achievement and Staff Attitudes and Behaviors

The Interface Among Educational Outcomes and School Environment

Building Conditions and Students Achievement and Behavior

Study: Learning Can Be Harmed by Classroom Design

The Impact of Brain Compatible Learning (BCL) Philosophy in 3 Elementary Schools – What Mattered Most?

Portable Classrooms

School Districts Explore Solutions For Excessive Portable Classroom Use

Why Portables?

Relocatable Classroom Design

Guides on School Design

National Best Practices Manual for Building High Performance Schools

Green School Design

A look at Northside Elementary School’s LEED Platinum facility

Schools designed with the environment in mind

Sustainable design in a historic school – A case study of Woodrow Wilson High School

Less Standardization, More Flexibility

Early Education School Design

Room with a View: Transforming Early Education Spaces with Simple Design Solutions

Active Learning School Design

A Slam Dunk for Education: Real World Learning at the Chicago Basketball Academy

The Art of Innovation: Designing Learning Spaces for a Creative, Collaborative Future

Higher Education Design

Inclusive Design at Universities: Common Errors and Best Practices

Redesigning Existing Learning Spaces

Imagining the Future through Existing Buildings

Sustainable design in a historic school – A case study of Woodrow Wilson High School

Safe and Healthy School Design

School Technology Infrastructure In-Depth

Smart design + school = healthy kids

The 8 Things Domestic Violence Shelters Can Teach Us about Secure School Design

Demand Controlled Ventilation and Classroom Ventilation

School Design after Tragedy

Schools in a Crisis – Where to Put the Students

School Aesthetics

A Case for Schoolhouse Aesthetics

Designing for All Students

Equal access – Universal design of physical spaces

School Climate and High School Size – A Multi-Year Analysis of Hispanic Students