Green Schools

There is little debate about the importance of protecting the environment. In the area of school facilities this entails building green schools and cleaning schools with green products. Below you will find resources about examples of green schools, and how to increase the environmental friendliness of educational facilities.

Green Facilities

A look at Northside Elementary School’s LEED Platinum facility

Greening Schools: Grand Rapids gets fellow to drive transformation of buildings

Green building takes off in recent years

New building at George Washington University certified LEED platinum

An Examination of Green School Practices in Atlanta Schools by Dr. TC Chan

A Case for Schoolhouse Aesthetics

Sustainable design in a historic school – A case study of Woodrow Wilson High School

Designing Sustainable Schools – The Emergent Role of Superintendent as Sensemaker

Less Standardization, More Flexibility

Greening Early Childhood Centers

Greening Our Nation’s K12 Schools

Making the Connection: Green Schools, Student Health, Performance

Performance contracting – Taking school technology green

EnergySmart Schools Tips – Retrofitting, Operating, and Maintaining Existing Buildings

Guide to Operating and Maintaining EnergySmart Schools

Building Minds, Minding Buildings – Our Union’s Road Map to Green and Sustainable Schools

Green Schools: The Ship is Sailing, but How to Pay for it?Green buildings – Benefits to health, the environment, and the bottom line – Hearings before the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works testimony of Peter Templeton

Green buildings – Benefits to health, the environment, and the bottom line – Hearings before the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, testimony of Claire L. Barnett

What Makes Green Schools Better?

The Green Schools National Conference

The Center for Green Schools Releases First State of Our Schools Report

Green Spaces In Schools Improve Children’s Memory And Attention

Economic and Environmental Evaluation Model for Selecting the Optimum Design of Green Roof Systems in Elementary Schools

LCC and LCCO2 analysis of green roofs in elementary schools with energy saving measures

Environmental Education

Principals head back into classroom for lessons about green schools

UMASS Permaculture Documentary Series Part I

UMASS Permaculture Documentary Series Part II

UMASS Permaculture Documentary Series Part III

Green Schools as Learning Laboratories? Teachers’ Perceptions of Their First Year in a New Green Middle School


Green Cleaning Schools

How to introduce the concept of blue cleaning to custodial staff.

Portable Classrooms

School Districts Explore Solutions For Excessive Portable Classroom Use

Why Portables?